Bridges in Lincoln, Omaha, and Blair, NE


A dental bridge is a restoration that replaces one, or sometimes multiple teeth. Replacing missing teeth restores a smile, maintains facial contours, prevents nearby teeth from drifting, may improve speech, and allows for better chewing ability.

While implants have become a highly recommended form of tooth replacement, sometimes there is not enough bone to place an implant, or there may be nerves and sinuses that prevent proper implant placement. Sometimes grinding and clenching habits, smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, or other immune diseases may make a bridge a better option. If teeth next to a gap have fillings or crowns, a bridge may be a good alternative option to an implant.

Bridges can be completed faster than implants and initially cost less. However, teeth with bridges can get decay, just as other natural teeth, and faithful homecare and hygiene appointments are necessary to maintain them. Implants may last longer, and therefore over time cost less. Your dentist will discuss which tooth-replacement option is best for your individual goals.

Your bridge will be custom made by a skilled technician. A complimentary professional fluoride varnish treatment will be applied after the bridge is cemented to strengthen the area where the tooth and bridge meet.

Your dentist will select materials based on the functional and aesthetic needs of the tooth. Teeth in highly visible areas often benefit from beautiful all-porcelain ceramic materials with shades and translucencies indistinguishable from enamel. When teeth are subjected to major forces, such as molars, strength is the most important factor. High-strength ceramics, porcelain fused to gold, or gold crowns may be selected. The dentist will discuss what is best for your smile.

Dental Bridge Care

A dental bridge requires homecare and regular appointments with your dental hygienist. Your dentist will make individual recommendations for best home care techniques. Our skilled hygienists will comfortably maintain the health of the supporting structures of the teeth at regular intervals and make recommendations for best homecare practices to ensure maximum longevity of the restoration.

Superior Dental Health in Lincoln, Omaha, and Blair, NE is committed to providing exceptional, comfortable dental care and establishing long-term relationships with our patients. Your treatment will be custom tailored to your individual goals.

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