Crowns are a wonderful way to preserve teeth that have been compromised due to decay, wear, or trauma. A well-made ceramic crown can feel comfortable, similar to a natural tooth, and prevent further fracturing of teeth or tooth loss. The cosmetic benefits of crowns are also appealing, as we have the ability to design a crown with proper proportions and tooth shade to fit seamlessly with the rest of your natural teeth.

A crown is an esthetic and strong restoration to preserve a natural tooth. A crown may be needed due to decay or a history of multiple fillings due to decay. Teeth may also have damage from extensive wear from clenching, grinding, or other habits. A tooth may have had disease or trauma that needed root canal treatment. A tooth may also have been malformed or be crowned for aesthetic reasons.

Superior Dental Health Crowns

Crown treatment at Superior Dental Health takes two appointments at our Lincoln, Omaha, or Blair dental offices.

Your Superior Dental Health dentist will review radiographs and evaluate the tooth to determine if a crown is the best option, then select a shade (color) and material to match the functional and aesthetic needs of the tooth. The tooth is prepared by removing decay and reinforcing with bonded material if more natural structure has been lost; then conservative removal of structure is completed to create a shape that holds the crown in place.

An impression (mold) is then made. Your crown will be custom made by a skilled technician. A complimentary professional fluoride varnish treatment will be applied after the crown is cemented to strengthen the area where the tooth and crown meet.

Your dentist will select crown materials based on the functional and aesthetic needs of the tooth. Teeth in highly visible areas often benefit from beautiful all-porcelain ceramic materials with shades and translucencies indistinguishable from enamel. When teeth, such as molars, are subjected to major forces, strength is the most important factor. High-strength ceramics, porcelain fused to gold, or gold crowns may be selected. Your dentist will discuss what is best for your smile.

When the crown is finished, your dentist will try in the crown and make any necessary adjustments. The crown is cemented or bonded to the tooth, and feels comfortable, has an aesthetic appearance, and functions like a normal tooth.

Maintaining Your Crown

Teeth with crowns can still get decay and must be cared for like natural teeth. Faithful homecare with tooth brushing and flossing, regular hygiene appointments, and professional fluoride varnish treatments can extend the lifetime of the crown. Your dentist may also recommend an occlusal guard to protect the crown from damaging grinding forces.

Our skilled hygienists will comfortably maintain the health of the supporting structures of the tooth at regular intervals and make recommendations for best homecare practices to ensure maximum longevity of the restoration.

Superior Dental Health is committed to providing exceptional, comfortable dental care and establishing long-term relationships with our patients. Your treatment will be custom tailored to your individual goals. We offer a comfort menu during your crown appointment, including pillows, blankets, headphones, lip balm, aromatherapy, and sedation options.

After placing hundreds of crowns to patients throughout Lincoln, Omaha, and Blair, NE, the dentists at Superior Dental Health have earned their reputation for excellence in crown restorations.

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